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The story behind the highly detailed  Baroque marble sculpture by Bernini. executed between 1622 and 1625. Housed in the Galleria Borghese in Rome, the work depicts the climax of the story of Apollo and Daphne

Everyone knows Michelangelo's statue of David, but there were other David's by other great artists who envisioned the biblical hero. See the Donatello's statues, plus Verrocchio & Bernini versions

Leonardo da Vinci's ultimate social commentary. The drawing that brought together ideas about art, architecture, human anatomy and symmetry in one distinct and commanding illustration

Why would the Greeks put a Amphitheater atop a mountain under a volcano in Italy?

A archaeological site in Milazzo, Sicily with a storied history

According to the Tibetan scriptures, somewhere there are hidden worlds


Special Guest Writer Jeff Fuchs, Canadian Explorer, Mountaineer & Writer trekking through the Himalayan Mountains

The weaving of the natural elements and carefully developed landscapes invite calm and peace into the visitor’s inner and outer worlds. 

The terracotta soldiers are life-sized pottery figures made 2,200 years ago as a military army sculpted to defend the First Emperor of China in his afterlife.


The Fire Offering, which always takes place in May, is a very important ritual in Tibetan Buddhism...

Beginning with the first smelting of metals, bronze sculpture has been part of humankind's attempt to create artistic images of the world around them.

This fantastic mosaic, one of the most famous from history, is located inside the villa of the Casale in Piazza Armerina in Sicily.


Giulio Monteverde's 'Angel of Night' located inside the Campo Verona cemetery in Rome, Italy

The story of Venice, Italy begins in the 5th century AD after the fall of the Roman Empire as northern barbarians had been raiding Rome’s former territories.

Samut Prakan is an ancient city that bears the heritage of the Ayutthaya Kingdom. 

01 The Belgica anchored at Mount William

It was not so long ago that there was one last continent that remained completely untouched by man. And, in a sense, this generation does not know how it feels as a culture to have that type of barrier breached during our lifetimes.

In the Royal Palace of Palermo in Sicily, is a large circular map of spectacular beauty, engraved in pure silver it shines within the city walls. 

The city at the Cradle of 

Göbekli Tepe is a Neolithic archaeological site near the city of Şanlıurfa in Southeastern Anatolia, Turkey. Dated to the Pre-Pottery Neolithic, between c. 9500 and 8000 BCE, the site comprises a number of large circular structures supported by massive stone pillars – the world's oldest known megaliths.

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