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Ancient Urn


ART STORIA (meaning 'Art History' in Italian) is a book and magazine publisher focused on works often examined in literature studies and content relevant to the discourse of art and history education.



ART STORIA | Academic Gallery or ASAG Journal is an art history and cultural studies resource produced by educators from across the globe. It is shared between instructors who often collaborate and is designed for students in general. Derived from our contributor's lectures and presentations, ASAG Journal surveys the development of visual and material culture set within a historical and stylistic context while often focusing on some rather unconventional examples. The Journal is organized into four sections which include, Prehistory-Egypt, Greek-Medieval, Renaissance-Modern and Ideas. Its overarching mission is to foster an interesting and productive discussion on art, history and culture. 




ART STORIA | Literary Classics is a collection of books that have transformed storytelling and philosophical thinking while remaining relevant to the modern reader. Our series features works often studied in literature courses while most editions offer annotations with forewords, introductions, literary critique, historical context and contemporary analysis, Additionally several book covers within the collection showcase artworks created by artists from our Galleria. ​




ART STORIA | Artists is a gallery space that works to showcase some of the talented artists that we have worked with in some capacity. Here we share only a small collection of selected artworks produced by associated Painters, Digital Artists, Photographers and Artisans.

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