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01 The Belgica anchored at Mount William circa 1898 - Public Domain.jpeg

It was not so long ago that there was one last continent that remained completely untouched by man. And, in a sense, this generation does not know how it feels as a culture to have that type of barrier breached during our lifetimes.

Special Guest Writer Jeff Fuchs, Canadian Explorer, Mountaineer & Writer trekking through the Himalayan Mountains

According to the Tibetan scriptures, somewhere there are hidden worlds. ASAG Journal writer Denise K. McTighe ventures into the mountains... 


ASAG Journal writer Denise K. McTighe investigates the blurring of the lines between art in the realms science.

The Ancient methods of treating disease and the rise of energy healing/medicine ascending into the mainstream

ASAG Journal writer Chris Porteous delves into the story of J. LYONS AND CO. & The First Business Computer

Back in the late Cretaceous the oceans sported a great many fantastic unfamiliar creatures. One was the already ancient fish, the Coelacanth...

The Upanishads, are ancient philosophical-religious texts that poignantly expressing the wisdom of Sages from ancient India over two thousand years ago. 

ASAG Journal writer Ani Margaryan delivers to us the story of a Chinoiserie masterpiece done in hybrid style, depicting a Chinese phoenix-hunt and Native Americans

thescientist (1).jpg

Over a century ago, a young, Indian scientist stood at the front of his new machine at the Royal Society of London. It was May 10, 1901 and he was about to demonstrate to the packed audience full of famous scientists that plants are thinking, sentient beings

The ballad of the often overlooked and sometimes forgotten visionary physicist, Satyendra Nath Bose, who had a brilliant academic and research career that led to some of the most significant scientific discoveries in Physics.

When we look at a work of art we see the human mind’s creative ability to absorb objective reality by subjective means. What is it about us that differentiates our creative abilities from that of all other forms of life?


ASAG Journal writer Ani Margaryan takes a look at the Chinese Guanyin made of lapis lazuli - a product of cultural exchanges and intersections 

 The majority of the works carries the hidden message of the idea that China would or has already overcome the coronavirus outbreak by its own efforts,  focusing rather at the triumphal end of the fight against the virus, than the process of the struggle itself.

The relationship between reality and truth seems apparent to most but an understanding of their nature is extremely difficult to discern. A look at Rembrandt's influence in Film.

Latimer with her Discovery (Wikimedia Co

Contrasting recent repatriation requests using cases of objects obtained in different periods to illustrate the complexity of the ethical debate facing museums with high profile ancient artifacts.

The Carthaginian general with a grudge so powerful he became widely considered one of the greatest military commanders in history

Nero was known for his debaucheries, political murders, persecution of Christians and a passion for music that led to the probably apocryphal rumor that Nero “fiddled” while Rome burned during the great fire of 64 A.D

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