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Academia Journal: Galleria
Greek Ancient Sculpture of Warrior
Science Museum Space Exploration

Derived from our contributor's lectures and presentations, ASAG Journal surveys the development of visual and material culture set within a historical and stylistic context while often focusing on some rather unconventional examples.

Studying art history helps us understand the evolution of artistic styles and movements throughout history, from ancient times to the modern day. By examining the techniques, themes, and cultural contexts of different art forms, we can gain insight into the social, political, and economic conditions that influenced their creation. Furthermore, it can inform our understanding of other disciplines such as literature, philosophy and cultural attitudes during the time. Some artworks can be analyzed as an interpretive record of historical events. Therefore, art history has relevance beyond just the world of aesthetics and is a valuable pursuit that allows us to appreciate and preserve cultural heritages across the globe. If we can understand the world 'behind us', we can understand the world around us, and perhaps even inspire creativity in the contemporary arts. 

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