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The Harmonization 
of Energy

Sorubi Ravindran

ASAG Journal

Modern medicine has evolved in its methods of treating disease, and in recent decades, the rise of energy healing/medicine has ascended to the mainstream. Energy healing has existed for millennia and its emergence into Western society, has been met with some opposition in the conventional spheres of thought. Despite these differences, with increases in lifestyle diseases, in attempt to curb global health crises, the health care system is commencing the pursuit of a reconciliation between ancient energy healing practices and conventional Western medicine. We are on the cusp of a new standard of health care that recognizes the ancient methods as credible systems of medical care.

What is energy healing?

Energy is referred to as your life force which flows through and around the human body, that force keeps you vibrant and healthy. Ancient traditions such as Sanskrit refer to it as prana, and the Chinese as qi. Energy healing traditions strive to bring our life force into balance in a non-invasive manner, focusing on the energy fields of the body that manage the growth and repair of cells, tissues and organs. These traditions emphasize the health of the whole being, the mind, body, and spirit. Reported benefits include decreased stress, alleviation of pain, stabilization of hormones and an overall sense of health and vitality. It uses time-honoured techniques from traditions like yoga, acupressure, acupuncture, qigong, and reiki that been passed down for thousands of years. Hybridization of these traditions have inspired the creation of modern energy field therapies like Healing Touch and Therapeutic Touch. 

Conventional western medicine

Conventional western medicine at its foundation is focused on the biochemistry of cells, tissues and organs, and is re-active in nature. Western medicine fundamentally relies on empirically gathered data. All forms of diagnosis, surgeries and pharmaceuticals have been methodically researched, becoming the standard of proof to its efficacy. The existence of modern medicine has significantly contributed to the eradication of disease and the managing of chronic illness, prolonging individual life expectancy.

Science of energy healing

Ancient energy healing traditions have been passed down through generations, and unlike conventional medicine, has not had the same level of extensive scientific research. However, the study of quantum physics has provided solid basis for the further academic and scientific research of energy healing modalities. Quantum physics states that humans are part of a vast invisible field of energy, meaning we are influenced by all that surrounds us. Human beings are energy beings that vibrate through electromagnetic waves (our energy field). When this electromagnetic field is flowing properly, we feel balanced, healthy and happy. Environmental stressors such as our demanding lifestyles can block this energy from flowing properly, which results in problem symptoms and the manifestation of disease. Energy healing techniques can reverse any disruption in our energy fields. Based off this research, global organizations of energy healing modalities, like acupuncture and Healing Touch have participated in, conducted and cited numerous research studies surrounding the scientific support for the respective fields. These methods help to align the system, and even prevent diseases of mind and body, before they form.

Harmonization of Theories

These diverse approaches to healing provide humanity the opportunity to propel the conventional healing system into the future towards a more integrative and holistic approach. Western medicine is not preventative, and intervention does not occur until sickness or disease is present, which creates strain and inefficiency in the health care system, and often provides only a temporary solution for underlying imbalances in the body. Energy healing modalities provide individuals the tools that keep them healthy on a daily basis, providing a first line of defense before sickness and disease manifest- a proactive and preventative approach. The inclusion of energy healing modalities into regular patient care as part of a complimentary and integrative system of medicine, would evolve health care systems to become more efficient and effective. While conventional western medicine has welcomed alternative healing modalities into medical establishments, there still remains a significant road to travel to ensure a complete integration of these two modalities. It is very clear, that the potential for beautiful harmonization between energy healing modalities and modern medicine will have endless benefits for the well being of the individual and the collective.


The Harmonization of Energy

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